All You Need to Know About Vitamin B17

When you search for measures to prevent cancer on any search engine, you will not miss results for vitamin B17. This typically puzzles individuals as most of them have never even heard of this vitamin.

You most certainly have heard of vitamin B as some people take a tablet of Vitamin B Complex that has eight essential vitamin B vitamins. But, vitamin B17 is not included in the Vitamin B Complex nor is it one which many of us are aware of. Click here to buy vitamin B17 .

Vitamin B17 sometimes goes by the chemical name Laetrile-which is the purified form of amygdalin. Amygdalin is an element which is most common in apricot seeds though it is present in other foods like beans, flax seeds, lentils, sprouts, and wheat grass. We ingest amygdalin after consuming apricot seeds or in smaller amount when we eat foods that have this substance. We can also take amygdalin in pill form. Tablets are usually available in concentrations of 100mg or 500 mg.

Vitamin B17 may be used in the prevention of cancer. Though there is controversy surrounding this claim, some people have reported that they have used it to treat cancer although this is not its intended purpose. It is mainly used as a cancer prevention measure.

It works by destroying all the bad cells which are within the body. Scientists have shown that our bodies are constantly making cancerous cells. Taking vitamin B17 regularly may work to remove these cancerous cells from the body.

There is a dangerous component called cyanide which is locked away inside of Laetrile. The only way to unlock it and for it to come it is if the Laetrile comes into contact with a cell that is cancerous. Cancer cells contain an enzyme which unlocks the cyanide. When the cyanide comes out, there is also a neutralizing substance which comes out that prevents the cyanide from destroying any nearby healthy cells.

When one takes B17 every day, they ensure that the cancer cells do not have any chance of developing as the Laetrile destroys them quickly. Therefore, many people become very interested when they find out that vitamin B17 comes from something which is completely natural like apricot seeds.

Apricot seeds have amygdalin which has cyanide locked away ready to destroy any cancer, and only a cancer cell will unlock the cyanide because only the cancer cells have the special enzyme which unlocks the cyanide. Once unlocked, the cyanide destroys the cancer cell. The amygdalin was given its status as a vitamin upon the recommendation from the co-founder of the National Cancer Institute.